Fixing Monitor Resolution Part 2: Automating a Shell Script


Turns out writing a shell script is not that difficult if one is familiar with other programming languages. With the help of this brilliant Shell Scripting Tutorial I managed to write a simple script. First I created the file, called This creates the file and opens it using the Nano editor. I then wrote… Continue reading Fixing Monitor Resolution Part 2: Automating a Shell Script

My Linux Journey


I recently decided to dive into the world of Linux. I had done some research and I figured that using Linux would be a good thing for me in the long term. After all, knowledge compounds. Using the terminal for basic tasks like navigating through files was awkward at first, but I’ve since gotten used… Continue reading My Linux Journey

Yet Another Blog(post)

This is yet another attempt at this blogging thing. I think this is my third or fourth domain, which – to be honest – is nothing but evidence of confusion. Still, I’m back. This time I promise, as I have unfaithfully done in the past, to blog with consistency. That’s a couple of times a… Continue reading Yet Another Blog(post)