Yet Another Blog(post)

This is yet another attempt at this blogging thing. I think this is my third or fourth domain, which – to be honest – is nothing but evidence of confusion.

Still, I’m back.

This time I promise, as I have unfaithfully done in the past, to blog with consistency. That’s a couple of times a week minimum.

I might also occasionally post old articles from the afore-hinted dead domains, hopefully with improvements in both content and style (Only those I’m not embarrassed by at least.)

Expect mostly reflections on programming, electronics, fitness, some philosophy, books and technology. And other things.

See you.

Note: This site is under construction. I’m building a theme for it so you may on occasion see strange things. Consider them bugs, not features. Be kind enough to tell me.

By Tawanda

In search of Eudaimonia (The Good Life). Hopefully Tolkien was right that "not all those who wander are lost". Currently interested in programming, electronics, development economics, philosophy, fitness and good books.


  1. lol you have improved without a doubt.

    your writing style from introduction had made me want to read until the end, kindly share on your WhatsApp statuses when ever there is an update, you drive your followers, and you are also responsible for making us keen and eager to see what next you are going to talk about.

    kindly also take good heed that our comments are important yea, especially mine lol, in as much as you have my attention I also feel as a writer you need to do the same to your readers, that’s how it works!!!

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