Hi, I'm Tawanda. I'm fascinated by browsers.

Because of this I am interested in many other things that browsers relate to - the computers and operating systems they run on, the protocols they use, the applications they deliver, the speed at which they work, the people who use them, the networks they use - and, especially, JavaScript, the language of the Browser.

I am incredibly lucky to have been born in an age where geographical barriers mean very little and where the few obstacles that remain are being dismantled with each passing day. It is nothing short of magic that though I turned 20 without ever owning a computer, in the years since, thanks to the Internet, platforms like Coursera, Edx, Freecodecamp and Youtube, and kind strangers, I now know enough to write programs that work.

Which is why I'm a big fan of Open Source Software, much of what I know is because countless people I don't know took their time to contribute to our collective knowledge and toolset - from the free Operating System I am using right now (Ubuntu 20), to the software that delivers these pages (Eleventy) and the Internet itself. I try to give back by contributing to Open Source projects whenever I can.

Outside programming I like reading (esp fantasy novels), blogging and football.

My favorite books include Meditations, Deep Work, Antifragile and A Song of Ice and Fire Series.

I studied Electronics Engineering, and occassionaly tinker with microcontrollers.

This website is mostly notes to myself as I learn more about software development, web browsers, programming and, of course, life itself.

For what I'm currently up to please see my now.

I'm also on Twitter as @tbmoyo and you can email me at moyotawanda [at] gmail.com