From WordPress to Eleventy

After about a decade of using WordPress, I've moved my website from WordPress to Eleventy. Eleventy (11ty) is a Static Site Generator (SSG) and comes with all the advantages of SSGs including security and speed.

11ty is also written in JavaScript, which was another ticking point in its favor.

I'm using a template called Hylia which comes preconfigured for most things allowing me to tinker with it as I learn more about 11ty and SSGs.

I have also changed the hosting from a selfhosted plan to Netlify. Netlify has a free plan that more than suffices for a site such as this. Additionally Netlify allows easy updates to the site via Github.

In moving from WordPress to 11ty, I was helped by these excellent blogposts:

I'm still cleaning up/making edits to the site as I become more familiar with the tools so some things (esp links) may not work.