My Linux Journey

I recently decided to dive into the world of Linux. I had done some research and I figured that using Linux would be a good thing for me in the long term. After all, knowledge compounds.

Using the terminal for basic tasks like navigating through files was awkward at first, but I’ve since gotten used to it. I don’t even miss Windows.

Something that Linux does is it forces you to think about what the computer is doing under the hood. This has been very useful in cementing my programming knowledge.

Having access to the shell unlocks incredible power. It opens up a lot of possibilities and allows the automation of tasks using simple scripts.

I also happened to stumble on this brilliant MIT course called The Missing Semester. It’s a course that focuses on concepts that are not usually taught in Comp Science curricula. It's very good and I’m learning some very useful things that I had no idea were possible.

My Linux journey is just starting, and I’m enjoying every second. So much that I'm considering changing my Home Theater PC to Linux.